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The projects on this page are displayed in date order, with the oldest at the top and the newest at the bottom.  None of these anemometers are hooked up to any electronics, as all we want is something colorfull to go along with the constant wind (smile).

My First Anemometer
The very first anemometer I (Don) ever did build, shown below (smile).  Wow, it's a real work of art (laughing).  Parts: 1 rollerblade wheel, with bearings and hollow axle; 1 threaded rod cut into 3 equal lengths, with nuts and lockwashers; 3 plastic drinking cups; 1 wooden dowl for the axle/post; 2 small, screw-type hose clamps to keep the wheel on the dowel; 1 mounting post driven into the ground.  Put it all together, and what you see is what you get.

I just stuck it out there in the back yard to see if it would even work, and sure enough, it worked the first time.  One of these days I'll modify the mounting so it's a bit more permanent.


Here's another shot of it with the mountains as a backdrop.


The plastic cups just couldn't take one of our 50+ mph wind days.  All three cups were torn off their rods and blown all over the property.  Not to worry, I have many other "wind catching" things to try in their place (laughing)!


Soooo, I replaced the blown-off blue plastic cups with some orange game cones (smaller than construction cones), and they've been there ever since, through every kind of wind.


Here's an anemometer made out of an old bicycle rim and plastic cereal bowls. It turns slower than the cone version, due to it's larger diameter, but works great.


A closer look.


A new, very colorful anemometer made out of plastic Easter egg halves. And, of course, the old reliable rollerblade wheel and threaded rod are also used.


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Welcome  The Ranch  Local Area  Friends & Family  Seasonal  Misc. Fun Photos 
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