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Wind Turbines/Mills
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Wind Turbines/Mills
The projects on this page are displayed in date order, with the oldest at the top and the newest at the bottom.  I'm not working on anything that creates any *useful* electricity at this time.  Primarily, we want some colorful things to look at along with the constant wind we have (smile).

My First Windmill
The very first windmill I ever made.  Take one old burned-out ceiling fan assembly, attach it to a length of small diameter water pipe, attach a tail to it, and then mount the whole contraption on a lawnmower wheel suspended by a few washers and a big wood lag screw, and what you see is what you get.  Oh, and for a finishing touch, add a small game cone for a nosecone (smile).  Hey, don't laugh, wait till you see what I did with it next! ...

I just stuck it out there in the front yard to see if it would even work, and sure enough, it worked the first time.  When it got windy, it made a LOT of whirling noise too!


Add some reflective tape to certain spots on the blades and tail, and you get a fantastic light show at night when shining a flashlight on it!.


Another shot from further away.


Taken with a flash, to freeze the action.


The sad part is that it did not survive the first 50+ mph wind storm it encountered, which was in the middle of a night (sigh).  One of the blades broke off where it screws to the hub and then the blade on the opposide side broke off too, I'm guessing from the wobbling force.  However, to my utter surprise, everything else was intact!  So, I've replaced the blades with new plastic, and will re-mount it next summer.


Another project for between times is this new hub.  I took the drive sprocket from a bicycle, welded a pulley to it, that has the same shaft diameter of some surplus servo motors I have, and then welded three steel strips (about 20 inches long) to the sprocket.  The strips will serve as firm supports for various plastic blades I try.
The wood blades shown here are simple floor molding, with a 10 or 15 degree angle already built into them.  However, they are too narrow to push the motor.


Here's a closer look at the sprocket hub.


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Check out for information, products, and a good discussion forum for folks who make their own power at home. This includes solar, wind and hydro, with tons of experiments, photos etc. It's a great site!
Check out Forcefield / for supplies of surplus Rare Earth Neodymium magnets at great prices, magnet information, related products and a discussion forum.


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